Career Services

The MSW program has committed to providing support for students and alumni by providing services and resources in their continued professional pursuit.

These services are continuously being developed by the Student Support Coordinator in collaboration with the School of Social Work partners to ensure that we provide them with the most up-to-date resources in the competitive field of social work in the areas of organizational leadership and the clinical field.

Career Search Tools

For many students, beginning the job search can be a daunting journey. As a result, we have created resources to guide students and alumni with some first steps towards applying to prospective employers. Below are links to download resources that can help with the first few steps in moving towards the job-seeking process.


Informational Videos

Communicating Your Purpose: Elevator Pitch

Let's Find a Job: Employment Searches

LinkedIn to Success

Individual Career Support

MSU is looking to provide ongoing support for students even after they graduate. Students and alumni can schedule appointments with the Student Support Coordinator for the following services:

  • Resume editing support
  • Mock Interviews (curated to clinical and organizational community leadership)
  • Cover Letter Review (In collaboration with the Writing Center)
  • Jobs search database navigation

If interested in these services, please contact the Student Support Coordinator at: or fill out the Qualtrics form under Inquiries for appointments.

Career Websites

Although this is a non-inclusive list, below are some website you look into. Please note that some of these career sites also include social work will include social work in various areas of the field, as well as outside of the state.