Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are a way to deepen your knowledge and skill set with a particular population or setting while gaining generalist social work practice knowledge. Each certificate consists of 3 courses from a menu as well as a specialized field placement.

Certificate Course Outlines

+Requirements for ALL BASW Certificates
  1. 2.0 in course to count toward certificate
  2. Each certificate requires 3 courses (9 credits) from approved list
  3. Student may pursue only one certificate
  4. Each certificate must be signed up for prior to the field matching process
  5. Student will be responsible for submitting completion document for certificate and tracking their progress
  6. Only open to students who are enrolled in the BASW program and successfully complete all of the degree requirements for program. If student moves to a different major they are no longer eligible for certificate
  7. All certificate requirements must be completed prior to graduation
  8. Child Welfare Certificate also requires a 3.0 overall gpa and supplementary field reporting
  9. Open to students with a FS18 or later start date who are not in their final year of the program
  10. Certificates are non-transcriptable and offered by the School. Upon completion of the certificate and graduation you will receive a certificate for your achievement


Certificate Enrollment Form

Certificate Completion Form


Please email Emily Langhart at halling3@msu.edu with any questions.