Social Work Education at Every Level


Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW) Program program focuses on advancing social justice to improve the quality of life for individuals and in creating system wide change through micro, mezzo, and macro practice, policy, and research. Our graduates are highly successful in finding employment and in admission to graduate schools.

Master of Social Work

The Master of Social Work (MSW) program at Michigan State University is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). The primary focus of the MSW Program is preparation for foundation and advanced practice in Clinical Social Work (micro-level interventions with individuals, families, and groups) and Organization and Community Leadership (macro-level interventions within communities and organizations). Students can attend face-to-face classes on the main MSU campus in East Lansing, or they can attend online instruction through our Statewide Blended program. 

PhD Program

The PhD Program in Social Work is designed to prepare social workers for leadership positions. It emphasizes the development, analysis, and application of social work knowledge related to professional practice and research in selected settings and to social work education at the undergraduate and graduate levels in order to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the Social Work profession and the field of social welfare.

Continuing Education

With the social justice and positive change mission of our School as a guide, MSU Social Work Continuing Education Program provides relevant and accessible professional development and training for social work, human service, and health care professionals. In addition to our professional development and required social work continuing education courses, we also offer post-graduate certificate programming. Visit our catalog to see a full list of courses, course descriptions and registration information.

Field Education

Field education for both the BASW and MSW programs will provide exciting opportunities to gain critical experience in a professional environment. We work with over 850 programs throughout the state of Michigan and abroad.


Community Programs and Outreach

Our Community Programs include Chance at Childhood, Fostering Academics, Mentoring Excellence (FAME), and the Kinship Care Resource Center. They provide service, outreach, and teaching through field education placements and serve to develop best practices, and provide research opportunities to study program development and sustainability, among other topics.