The MSU School of Social Work uses a web-based data management system called Sonia as a means to track all students in field placement.

Sonia allows the MSU Social Work Field Education Office and field agencies to communicate more easily with each other and with students participating in field education. Because of this, it is essential for students to keep all information current.

How to use Sonia

This is the link to the Sonia website login page.

  • All field instructors and students will be supplied a unique User Name and Password before they can log in; this will be sent by the field team.
  • Please refer to the Sonia tutorials below for more information on getting started.

Sonia Tutorials

Below are tutorials that provide a brief overview of Sonia, our data management system. Each one is specific for your role with the School. Please review the tutorial appropriate for you. If you have questions, please contact the Field Office.

Self-Selecting Forms in Sonia
This video demonstrates how students and field instructors can self-select forms and how field instructors can assign specific forms to their students.

For Students
Primary Site Contacts
For Field Instructors
For Liaisons

Benefits of Sonia

The web-based Sonia data management system maintains and reports information about field placement agencies, supervisors, and students, and tracks student assignments from semester to semester and historically. A strong feature of Sonia is access to online documents such as learning agreements and student evaluations, which are completed and stored online. In addition, Sonia:

  • Provides the School with a paperless solution for tracking and archiving
  • Facilitates communication with students, field instructors, and liaisons
  • Allows students to research potential field placement opportunities
  • Eliminates paperwork and provides the student easy access to their field placement information
  • Allows agencies to describe learning opportunities in order to match students in ideal learning environments
  • Provides field instructors with a resource to easily access student information
  • Allows field instructors access to all required documents in a paperless system
  • Increases communication between the School and field agencies