Agency Responsibilities

The agency signs the Affiliation Agreement and completes all appropriate forms prior to the student beginning field education.

The agency provides written confirmation indicating acceptance of students for placement, and will notify the School of agency/field instructor changes that may affect the student experience.

The agency is responsible for providing the student with the appropriate orientation to agency personnel, policies, and procedures.

The agency will utilize the Field Education Curriculum as outlined in this manual. Specific practice course syllabi will also be provided to facilitate integration of course content and practice behaviors (Review the Curriculum).

The agency will make available space and resources necessary to fulfill educational requirements.

The agency provides time for weekly supervision sessions between the field instructor and student. The minimum expectation is for one hour per week of formal supervision and at least one-half hour for informal discussions as needed.

The agency agrees to support the field instructor in attendance at training, and enrichment sessions.

The agency is responsible for notifying the School in a timely manner through the field liaison when a student's performance may jeopardize the successful completion of placement.

The agency ensures that under no circumstances will students prescribe, administer, or dispense medication or physical therapy.

Along with the agency's commitment to educational goals, the agency agrees not to use students to substitute or displace employee positions in whole or in part.

The agency agrees to reimburse students' mileage for field education assignments, plus any other reimbursements customarily given to staff. This does not include reimbursement for daily travel to and from the agency.

The agency is encouraged to provide financial stipends to students whenever possible.