Chiquita Whittington named FAME Director

November 10, 2021

Chiquita WhittingtonChiquita Whittington has been hired to lead our community program Fostering Academics, Mentoring Excellence (FAME). FAME is a resource center for foster youth alumni attending MSU as well as for youth who were in kinship care, have experienced homelessness, or are otherwise independent. FAME exists to provide support and resources to these students during their time at MSU to help them be successful during their collegiate experience on MSU's campus and during their transition to becoming MSU alumni.

Ms. Whittington expressed her excitement by saying, "After spending the past seven years working with youth in foster care in various positions, I’m ecstatic to move forward as the director of FAME. As a licensed clinical therapist with a commitment to community-focused social work and advocacy, I am thrilled to continue my work advocating and providing resources for foster youth alumni and other youth who may need support from FAME while attending MSU. As alumni of MSU School of Social Work, I look forward to joining the Michigan State University community, again, and working towards meeting the complex needs of all students, especially students who may have experienced barriers and/or have directly been impacted by things such as poverty, oppression, homelessness, and other out of home placement experiences. Additionally, I look forward to joining MSU’s diverse team of leaders where I can directly advocate for change. It is my goal to continue to advance FAME's mission, to support academic success through providing supports and resources for the WHOLE student on their journey to graduation.  With my passion for social work and my love for MSU combined, I look forward to joining a team with a common goal of social justice… Go Green!"