Aubree Montie: The College of Social Science 2023 Matt Hansen Support Staff Award winner

May 1, 2023 - Brandon Drain

Aubree MontieAubree Montie, a member of the MSU School of Social Work, has been named the recipient of the College of Social Science Matt Hansen Support Staff Award. This award recognizes exemplary contributions of support staff members to the College and was first granted in 2020. It was renamed in 2021 in honor of Matt Hansen, who was the inaugural recipient of the award and support staff member in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies.

Aubree has been a member of the School of Social Work for 16 years in various roles and was surprised to receive this award. When asked about her reaction to receiving the award, Aubree stated, "I was shocked and really honored. There were even some tears as well."

Aubree believes that open communication is vital in her role as a support staff member. She also stresses the importance of understanding and patience when working with others. "I think open communication is huge,” said Montie. “A lot of understanding and patience -- being able to point people in the right direction for success."

Montie's exceptional performance in her role as the Unit HR Coordinator has not gone unnoticed by her colleagues and superiors. Her ability to navigate complex HR situations with ease, and come up with effective solutions, has made her an indispensable part of the team. "As her supervisor, I am very appreciative of Aubree’s ability to assess a situation and make recommendations and solutions to HR issues,” said Nancy Gray, Aubree’s supervisor. “She is an asset to the School of Social Work."

One of the things that Aubree enjoys most about her job is seeing students and colleagues grow and evolve over time. "That's one of the blessings of being in a department for so long,” said Montie. “Seeing a student start off and go on to wherever they end up.”

As a support staff member, Aubree is not afraid to ask for help when needed. She knows that collaboration and teamwork are essential to her success. "I love to problem solve but I also know when I need help," said Montie.

The College of Social Science Matt Hansen Support Staff Award is a well-deserved recognition of Aubree's commitment to excellence and service to the School of Social Work and the College of Social Science. Her dedication to her work, her colleagues and the students she serves make her a valued member of the College of Social Science's support staff. Congratulations, Aubree, on this well-deserved honor!