Chance at Childhood

The Chance at Childhood Certificate Program, offered jointly by the MSU School of Social Work and the MSU College of Law, is intended to cross-train law and social work students interested in legal advocacy on behalf of abused, neglected, and at-risk children and families. Both Clinical and OCL students can pursue this program to gain hands-on practice and advocacy experience.


Each year thousands of children become involved in the judicial process through cases of abuse and neglect or custody and child support battles. Regardless of the specific legal issue that brings a child into Michigan's court system, that child will be faced with a complex variety of legal and non-legal issues. Children need competent and effective advocates to work on their behalf and to provide an independent voice in Michigan’s court system.

Program Components

The Chance at Childhood Certificate Program requires satisfactory completion (minimum grade of 3.0) of the following:

Contact Person

Joe Kozakiewicz, JD, LMSW

MSW Certificate Application