Social Work with Global Populations

Courses - Select 3

Select one Core Course

  • Developing Societies (SOC 362)
  • Globalization and Justice (ANP 436)
  • Global Migration (SOC 310)
  • Human Rights (ANP 439)

Select two Supporting Courses

  • Women & Health International Perspective (ANP 270)
  • World Food, Population and Poverty (EEP 260)
  • Women and Change in Developing Countries (WS 403)
  • Ethics and Development (PHL 452)
  • Ethics in Global Healthcare (PHL 453)
  • Peace and Justice Studies (PHL 353)
  • Human Capital and Society (HRLR 201)
  • Legal Standards in a Global Workplace (HRLR 414)
  • Developing Societies (SOC 362)
  • International Development and Sustainability (CSUS 215)
  • International Development and Change (SOC 161)
  • Intro Chicano/Latino Studies (CLS 201)
  • Race & Community Local to Global Perspective (AAS 100)
  • International Relations (PLS 160)
  • Politics United Nations and International Orgs (PLS 364)
  • Politics of Developing Areas (PLS 244)
  • Peace and Justice Studies (ANP 236)
  • Globalization and Justice (ANP 436)
  • Global Migration (SOC 310)
  • Human Rights (ANP 439)
  • Immigration: Children in Crisis (SW491)
  • Philosophy, Gender and Global Development (PHL 358)
  • Social Inequalities (SOC 214)
  • Special Topics in SW as Approved by Director (SW 491)

Field Placement Examples

  • MSU Campus based programs such as Migrant Student Services, Office of Cultural and Academic Transitions or Office of International Student Support
  • Refugee Service Programs such as Refugee Development Center, Samaritas
  • Early childhood and family support services such as Telemon or Saint Vincent Catholic Services Refugee Program
  • Community based outreach and support programs such as Cristo Rey.
  • Statewide programing such as the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Services.

Roles or Titles for BASW level work

  • Case Manager
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Resource Specialist
  • Case Assistant
  • Client/Student Support Specialist
  • Outreach and Engagement Coordinator
  • Service Delivery Specialist

Field Activities may include

  • Home visits
  • transport clients
  • develop treatment/goal plans
  • resource referral
  • plan/participate in community events
  • education support
  • networking
  • resource development
  • culturally appropriate and sensitives program development and service delivery

Why Social Work with Global Populations

From its beginning, social work has been committed to the defense and promotion of human rights by working against the cruel acts of discrimination for social justice. Among the most vulnerable individuals and groups worldwide are those that have been displaced or forced to migrate within their own countries. Becoming an increasing in importance due to international crisis as the result of armed conflicts, violence, ethnic fights, natural disasters, and mass violation of human rights, the International Federation of Social Workers indicates that there are currently more than 25 million people displaced on every continent of the globe.

For qualified social workers interested in providing assistance to these people who have been marginalized within their own society and are facing the emotional trauma of their uprooting experience. This certificate helps to prepare entry level social work professionals for work with displaced and global populations.