Social Work with Children, Youth and Families

Courses - Select 3

Select one Core Course

  • School Violence (SW475)
  • Disability in a Diverse Society (CEP 470)
  • Child Welfare (SW 471)
  • Substance Abuse and Human Services (SW474)

Select two Supporting Courses

  • Disability in a Diverse Society (CEP 470)
  • Special Needs Children and Their Families (HDFS 449)
  • Developmental Psychology Infancy-Childhood (PSY 244)
  • Child and Family Psychopathology (PSY 442)
  • Individual Couples & Families (HDFS 145)
  • Child Growth and Development (HDFS 211)
  • Children, Youth and Family (HDFS 212)
  • Parenting (HDFS 414)
  • Sexual Violence Against Women and Children (WS 301)
  • Child and Domestic Violence (WS 316)
  • Interpersonal Relationships Family (HDFS 444)
  • Human Sexuality (HDFS 445)
  • Family and Society (SOC 315)
  • Youth and Society (SOC316)
  • LGBTQ Studies (WS 304)
  • Sexual Assault (WS 317)
  • Disability in a Diverse Society (CEP 470)
  • Child Welfare (SW 471)
  • Substance Abuse and Human Services (SW474)
  • School Violence (SW475)
  • Special Topics in SW as Approved by Director (SW 491)

Field Placement Examples

MSU Campus based programs such as FAME, Work-Life Office, Resource centers and support programs. Youth support programs such as Highfields, Peckham, Charterhouse. Family support programs and services such as shared pregnancy, Angel House, respite care and EVE. School related service provision such as afterschool programs, court services, community youth programs and youth development programs.

Roles or Titles for BASW Level Work

  • Housing specialist
  • Client advocate
  • Case manager
  • Youth specialist
  • Family support specialist
  • Service coordinator
  • Client services specialist

Field Activities May Include:

After School Programing, Case Management, Resource referral, client ‘coaching’, home visits, program planning, integrative team approach/meetings, client assessment, treatment/goal planning, group facilitation, procure and distribute in kind donations

Helps to Prepare

Work with diverse client population. Understanding services to at-risk children and families through a wide range of public and private agencies.

The well-being of children, youth, and families is central to the mission of social work. This area of emphasis prepares students to work with children, youth and families in a variety of service settings and with diverse client populations. Services for children, youth and families often focus on prevention programs, education and at-risk behaviors. Settings include school based and community programs to support and promote human and family well-being.