Non-Profit Leadership

Courses - Select 3

Select one Core Course

  • Intro to Organizational Leadership (HRLR 211)
  • Human Capital and Society (HRLR 201)
  • Leadership Training (EAD 315)
  • Industrial and Org Psychology (PSY 255)

Select two Supporting Courses

  • Intro to Organizational Communication (COM 240)
  • Grant and Proposal Writing (WRA 453)
  • Sociology of Work (SOC 322)
  • Leadership Training (EAD 315)
  • Grant Writing and Fund Development (CSUS 433)
  • Community Economic Development (CSUS 447)
  • Public Administration and Policy Making (PLS 310)
  • Ethics and Development (PHL 452)
  • Business Ethics (PHL 345)
  • Industrial & Org Psychology (PSY 255)
  • Religion and Non-Profits (REL 185)
  • Religion and Leadership (REL 485)
  • Community Psychology (PSY 270)
  • Organizations and Society (SOC 424)
  • Human Capital and Society (HRLR 201)
  • Intro to Organizational Leadership (HRLR 211)
  • Applied Organizational Leadership (HRLR 311)
  • Employment Relations (HRLR 313)
  • Effects of Mass Communication (COM 275)
  • Special Topics in SW as Approved by Director (SW 491)

Field Placement Examples

  • Community based service programs such as the Allen Neighborhood Center, South Lansing Community Development Association and the South Side Community Coalition.
  • Local governance organizations at the city and state level.
  • Outreach and organizing programs such as Teleamon, Communities in Schools and Loaves and Fishes.
  • Advocacy based organizations such as Michigan Disability Rights Coalition, Elder Justice Initiative and Michigan’s Children.

Roles or Titles for BASW level work:

  • Community Support Specialist
  • Policy or Program Analyst
  • Housing Specialist
  • Project Coordinator
  • Grant and Development Officer
  • Program Manager
  • Outreach and Engagement Specialist
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Community and Client Resource Advocate

Field Activities may include:

Community/program assessment, resource connection/referral, community partner planning/meetings, program/project evaluation, policy review/analysis, report writing, community leadership/advocacy

Helps to Prepare

Are you interested in leadership and effectuating change on a larger scale? Nonprofits are the driving force behind change in our communities.

Social Workers play integral roles in leadership and management of nonprofit organizations in areas such as healthcare, environmental, social service, consumer, and community organizing groups throughout the United States as well as nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) doing important work in developing countries throughout the world. This certificate will prepare students for entry level social work positions focusing on administration, program development, evaluation, coordination and outreach.