Law and Policy in Social Work

Courses - Select 3

Select one Core Course

  • American Public Policy (PLS 313)
  • Educational Reform and Policy Analysis (EAD 361)
  • Child Welfare (SW 471)
  • Political Sociology (SOC 331)

Select two Supporting Courses

  • Intro to Criminal Justice (CJ110)
  • Criminology (CJ220)
  • Criminal Procedure (CJ275)
  • Child Welfare (SW 471)
  • School Violence (SW 475)
  • Experiential Learning Inside/Out Model (SW 492)
  • International Relations (PLS 160)
  • American Public Policy (PLS 313)
  • Judicial Politics (PLS 320)
  • Constitutional Law (PLS 321)
  • Public Administration and Policy Making (PLS 310)
  • Minority Politics (PLS 304)
  • Women and Criminal Justice (WS 425)
  • Women & Law in U.S. (WS 404)
  • Political Sociology (SOC 331)
  • Ethics (PHL 340)
  • Philosophy of Law (PHL 354)
  • Educational Reform and Policy Analysis (EAD 361)
  • Special Topics in SW as Approved by Director (SW 491)

Field Placement Examples

Legal settings such as court programs, Chance at Childhood Program, Domestic Violence Programs, Prosecutor’s Office, Communities in Schools and CARE

Roles or Titles for BASW Level Work

  • Youth specialist
  • Case manager
  • Probation officer
  • Youth worker
  • Services specialist
  • Client advocate
  • Corrections Officer
  • Advocate

Field Activities may Include:

Home visits, intake/assessment, case review, home/school/hospital visits, resource referral, treatment/goal planning, court testimony, interviewing, supervised parenting time, case management and advocacy

Helps to Prepare

Social work has a long history of involvement in both the youth and adult correctional and judicial systems and a developing role in law enforcement. Social workers have roles from direct service such as probation and parole workers, staffing group homes and other treatment programs, through administration of various correctional settings. Social workers also are developing roles as victim advocates, community service workers, and liaisons within the law enforcement system. As a service provider, workers may use skills in assessment, case management, family intervention, group facilitation, and program development.