Health and Aging

Courses - Select 3

Select one Core Course

  • Social Work in Health Care (SW 472)
  • Substance Abuse and Human Services (SW 474)
  • Social Work for Older Adults (SW 491)
  • Disability in a Diverse Society (CEP 470)

Select two Supporting Courses

  • Culture, Health and Illness (ANP 370)
  • Issues in Medical Anthropology (ANP 425)
  • Alternative Medicine (ANP 471)
  • Introduction to Public Health (HM 101)
  • Introduction to Human Nutrition (HNF 150)
  • Public Issues in Nutrition and Health (HNF 385)
  • Healthy Lifestyle (KIN 121)
  • Health and Society (SOC 475)
  • Women & Health International Perspective (ANP 270)
  • Ethical Issues in Health Care (PHL 344)
  • Ethics in Global Healthcare (PHL 453)
  • Health Psychology (PSY 320)
  • History of Public Health and Epidemiology (EPI 290)
  • Disease in Society (EPI 390)
  • Religion, Health and Healthcare (REL 385)
  • Human Gross Anatomy (ANTR 350)
  • Anatomy Physiology (PSL 250)
  • Social Work for Older Adults (SW 491)
  • Social Work in Health Care (SW 472)
  • Substance Abuse and Human Services (SW 474)
  • Special Topics in SW as Approved by Director (SW 491)

Field Placement Examples

  • Short term and long term rehabilitation centers such as Medilodge or Burcham Hills.
  • Older Adult support organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Association or Tri-County Office on Aging.
  • Community Health Clinics and Programs such as Care Free, Ingham Health Plan or the Lansing Area Aids Network.
  • Detox and Substance Abuse programs such as Community Mental Health, House of Commons or Endeavor House.
  • End of life support services such as Mother Theresa House.
  • Health Support programs in the areas of maternal health, aging and community.


  • Substance abuse counselor
  • Hospice social worker
  • Rehab social worker
  • Community support worker
  • Client advocate
  • Public health worker


Client assessments, treatment/goal plans, home/hospital visits, resource referral, client/case advocacy, clinical intervention, case management, advocacy, integrative team approach/meetings, discharge planning

Helps to Prepare

Social work focusing on health and aging includes system such as hospitals, clinics, home health care, public health, hospice, mental health centers, chemical dependency treatment programs, nursing homes, and rehabilitation settings with children, adolescents, and adults. Within each of the service systems, health and aging social work tasks may include assisting with admitting clients to units of a hospital or care center, assessment of the person and their support systems, supportive services to the client and family, advocacy on behalf of the client, acting as liaison with the family for information sharing, case management and discharge planning including making referrals for continued care and services.