Joanne Smith-Darden

Joanne  Smith-Darden
  • Ruth T. Koehler Endowed Professor in Children's Services
  • Associate Professor - Fixed Term


  • PhD, University of Michigan
  • MSW, University of Michigan
  • BS, University of Oregon


  • Youth Violence
  • Teen Dating Violence/Intimate Partner Violence
  • Mechanisms of perpetration for Teen Dating Violence/Intimate Partner Violence/Sexual Violence
  • Development of Primary Prevention Strategies and Policy Approaches to reduce in Teen Dating Violence/Intimate
  • Partner Violence/Sexual Violence
  • Community Engagement/Community Engaged Research
  • Developmental Methodologies
  • Child Development/Adolescent Development/Emerging Young Adults
  • Child Maltreatment
  • Relational/Interpersonal Trauma
  • Complex Trauma
  • The interface between early childhood relational trauma, parenting, attachment, and cognitive/language processing
  • Cognitive processing, language processing, emotional regulation, attachment, and history of maltreatment as predictors of school adjustment


  • Steinberg, D.B*., Smith-Darden, J.P., Simon, V.A., Victor, B.G.* & Kernsmith, P.D., Situating sexting behavior within trajectories of adolescent sexual development, Archives of Sexual Behavior. [in press].
  • Lee, J.M., Johns, S., Smith-Darden, J.P., Hong, J.S., & Voisin, D.R., The association between incarcerated adult at home and bullying behavior among urban African American adolescents in Chicago: The mediating effect of delinquent peer affiliation. International Journal of Bullying Prevention. [in press].
  • Kernsmith, P.D., Sabol, B.* & Smith-Darden, J.P. [in press] Female Pornography Use and Sexual Coercion Perpetration among Adolescents and Young Adults. In Conyers, A. & Calhoun, T.C. (eds.) Deviance Today Second Edition. Routledge, New York, NY.  
  • Sobeck, J., Smith-Darden, J., Hicks, M., Kernsmith, P., Kilgore, P. E., Treemore-Spears, L., & McElmurry, S. (2020). Stress, Coping, Resilience and Trust during the Flint Water Crisis. Behavioral Medicine46(3-4), 202-216. 
  • Sabol, B.*, Kernsmith, P.D., Hicks, M.R.*, & Smith-Darden, J.P. (2020). Attitudes about aggression and perpetration of adolescent dating aggression: A cross-lagged panel model, Journal of Adolescence, 83, 100-111.  
  • Hicks, M.*, Kernsmith, P., & Smith-Darden, J. (2020). The effects of adverse childhood experiences on internalizing and externalizing behaviors among African American youth, Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma,1-8.  
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  • Steinberg, D.B.*, Simon, V.A., Victor*, B.G. Kernsmith, P.D. & Smith-Darden, J.P. (2019). Onset trajectories of sexting and other sexual behaviors across high school: A longitudinal growth mixture modeling approach. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 48(8), 2321-2331. 
  • Dayton, C.J., Brown, S., Goletz, J., Hicks, L., Barron, C., & Smith-Darden, J. (2019). Pathways to parenting: Predictors of prenatal bonding in a sample of expectant mothers and fathers exposed to environmental risk.  Journal of Child and Family Studies, 28(4), 1134-1144.


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