Deirdre Shires (she/they)

Deirdre  Shires (she/they)
  • Assistant Professor - Tenure


  • PhD, Wayne State University
  • MPH, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • MSW, University of Michigan
  • BS, Michigan State University


  • Health disparities among sexual and gender minorities
  • Barriers to healthcare access for marginalized populations
  • Patient-provider communication
  • Structural bias in healthcare settings
  • Cancer screening and survivorship


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  • Elston Lafata, J., Shires, D.A., Shin, Y., Flocke, S., Resnicow, K., Nixon, E., Sun, X., Johnson, M., & Hawley, S. (2022). Opportunities and challenges when using the electronic health record for practice-integrated patient-facing interventions: The e-Assist Colon Health randomized trial. Published online ahead of print at Medical Decision Making.
  • Shires, D.A., Kcomt, L., Kattari, L., Liroff, M., & Lee, R. (2022). Emergency clinicians’ comfort levels in caring for transgender patients. Published online ahead of print at Transgender Health.
  • Prieto, L.R., Shires, D.A., Kattari, L., Modi, I.K., Misiolek, B.A., & Kattari, S.K. (2022). Secondary analysis of the Michigan Transgender Health Survey examining HIV and STI screening use among transmasculine individuals. Published online ahead of print at Annals of LGBTQ Public and Population Health.
  • Shires, D.A., Prieto, L., Woodford, M.R., Jaffee, K.D., & Stroumsa, D. (2021). Gynecological providers’ willingness to prescribe gender-affirming hormone therapy for transgender patients. Transgender Health. Online ahead of print.
  • Mak, J., Shires, D.A., Zhang, Q., Prieto, L.R., Ahmedani, B.K., Kattari, L., ... & Giammattei, S. V. (2020). Suicide attempts among a cohort of transgender and gender diverse people. American Journal of Preventive Medicine59(4), 570-577.
  • Tabriz, A.A., Fleming, P.J., Shin, Y., Resnicow, K. Jones, R.M., Flocke, S.A., Shires, D.A., Hawley, S.T., Willens, D., & Elston Lafata, J. (2019). Challenges and opportunities presented when online portals are used to recruit diverse patients to behavioral trials. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, ocz157.
  • Shires, D.A., Stroumsa, D., Prieto, L., Jaffee, K.D., & Woodford, M.R. (2019). Gynecologic healthcare providers’ willingness to provide routine care and Pap tests for transmasculine individuals. Journal of Women’s Health. doi:10.1089/jwh.2018.7384.


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