Carrie Moylan (she/her)

Carrie  Moylan (she/her)
  • Associate Professor - Tenure


  • PhD, University of Washington, School of Social Work
  • MSW, University of Michigan, School of Social Work
  • BA, Oberlin College


  • Gender-Based Violence, sexual violence, domestic violence
  • Community and organizational strategies for preventing and responding to gender-based violence
  • Campus sexual assault


  • Moylan, C. A., Javorka, M.*, Lindquist, C., Krebs, C., & Campbell, R. (In Press). The sum of all parts: Enhancing the value of campus climate surveys by including faculty and staff perspectives. Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work.
  • Moylan, C. A., Carlson, M.* [1], Campbell, R., & Fedewa, T. (In Press). “It’s hard to show empathy in a text”: Developing a web-based sexual assault hotline in a campus context. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. doi: 10.1177/08862605211025036
  • Moylan, C. A. & Hammock, A. (2021). Walking the walk: Testing a theory derived measure of campus sexual assault policy implementation. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 36(13-14), 7137-7162. doi: 10.1177/0886260518824649
  • Moylan, C. A., Javorka, M.*, Maas, M., Meier, E.*, & McCauley, H. (2021). Campus sexual assault climate: Toward an expanded definition and improved assessment. Psychology of Violence, 11(3), 296-306.
  • Moylan, C. A., Hammock, A., & Carlson, M. L.* (2020). In the eye of the reformer: Higher education personnel perspectives on campus sexual assault policy implementation. Journal of School Violence, 19(4), 433-445. doi:
  • Moylan, C. A. & Javorka, M*. (2020). Widening the lens: An ecological review of campus sexual assault. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, 21(1), 179-192. doi: 10.1177/1524838018756121


  • Research Consortium on Gender-Based Violence


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