Ronald E. Hall

Ronald E. Hall
  • Professor


  • PhD, Atlanta University
  • MSW, University of Michigan
  • MCS, University of Detroit


My research interests include mental health (individual/group psychotherapy), cutaneo-chroma, intra-racial racism, Bleaching Syndrome, and black male Cool Pose concept. My social work research interests extend to four areas in particular. They are as follows: colorism litigation, special populations, and human behavior and the social environment. I intend that these interests provide a means that will be instrumental in the advancement of casework, clinical social work, and various aspects of society-at-large.


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Hall, R. (2018). The chromatic norm image: skin color as mathematically significant somatic trait. Sociology International Journal, 2(4), 320-325.


  • Expert witness for Federal courts, Congressional testimony on the skin color issue
  • International lecturer on skin color


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