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Online Store Changes - You must now use an MSU Community ID / Net ID or NetID

Before you login, we just want to make sure you are aware of some changes made to our account system.

Login with MSU Community ID / Net ID or NetID

Need an MSU Community ID?

(If you don't have an MSU Net ID)

Already have an MSU Community/Net ID?

Need Some Help?

Please refer to the FAQ below if you need an explanation as to what to do, how to do it, and why.

How do I Create an Account?

What do I need to do to create an account?

  1. If you are not MSU personnel (students, faculty, etc) and do not have an MSU NetID, create an MSU Community ID by clicking the 'Create Community ID' button above or clicking here.
    • After creating your MSU Community ID, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you used when creating your Community ID and the confirmation email will include a link to create a password for your Community ID - please do so right away.
    • After confirming your account from the email you receive, you'll have an MSU Community ID.
    • Please note your Community ID, which will be the email you used when creating the account and password.
    If you are MSU personnel and have an MSU NetID, you don't need to worry about this - you can use your NetID instead of a Community ID.
  2. When you return to this website, proceed to login via our Login Portal using your
    • MSU Community ID for non-MSU personnel
    • MSU NetID for MSU personnel
  3. Upon a successful login via our Login Portal, you will be redirected back to our site.

Why do I need a Community/Net ID?

Why do I need a Community Id, or NetID, for online purchases?

Michigan State University offers an online payment solution that was recently updated. As part of this update, enhanced security measures were implemented requiring users accessing the system to have a MSU Community ID. This security enhancement will better protect customers and the University from fraud and other cyber-crime.

How do I Recover an Account?

I have an account but I need to recover it- what do I do?

That will depend on what type of account recovery you need. Please read the below options and answers as to how you can recover your account:

If you already had an account with us before we switched to using MSU Community/Net IDs for logging in and you need to recover/update that account to use your MSU Community/Net ID, please read the following:

If you have an:
  • MSU NetID
    • Used for students and faculty of MSU
    • And your old account's email address is your MSU NetID
  • MSU Community ID
    • Used for non-MSU personnel
    • And your old account's email address is the email address you used to create your MSU Community ID
Follow these steps:
  1. Please login with our new Login Portal using your MSU Community/Net ID
  2. After you've successfully logged in through the Login Portal, you will be redirected back to our site.
  3. Upon your return, we will attempt to find an old account with an email address that matches:
    • The MSU NetID used with the Login Portal (eg.
    • OR
    • The email address that you used when you created your MSU Community ID.
  4. Depending on the results of our records search, one of two things will happen:
    • If we find a matching account, you will be redirected to a page that will show you only the name and email of the account we found, as well as an option to confirm.
      • If you choose to confirm that the account shown is your account and you want to link it to your MSU Community/Net ID, we will finish the link process and sign you in.
      • If you don't want to use the matching account we found, you will also have the option to create a new account from scratch. Creating a new account will automatically link it your MSU Community/Net ID.
    • If we don't find a matching account, you will be prompted to create a new account. As previously stated, creating a new account will automatically link it to the MSU Community/Net ID you used to login with our Login Portal.
  5. If you have a previous account and it isn't the one we found when trying to find a matching email, or we just don't find a matching account at all, and you need to recover/link it to your MSU Community/Net ID - Don't worry! We will provide you an additional option to contact our site's wonderful support team and request that they link the account for you, provided that you have the required information to confirm the account is yours.