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School of Social Work Study Abroad Mexico and Finland

Michigan State University offers more than 260 programs in over 60 countries on all continents. Programs range in length from one to six weeks to a semester or an academic year, and they are offered during each session, including winter and spring break. For more information about University study abroad programs, please click here. To try to find information about a specific program, go to Search Programs and select the country in which you are interested.

Dominican RepublicDominican Republic Photo
Spring Break 2021
Global Health in Social Work and the Social Sciences


Global Health in Social Work and the Social Sciences- Dominican Republic, is a 3 credit hour short-term study abroad program that runs in the Spring semester, providing students an opportunity to study health and community care services in the Dominican Republic. The program combines on-line learning modules with nine days of education abroad in the San Pedro de Marcoís area of the Dominican Republic. In-country, students have lectures from the Universidad Central del Este Medical School and participate in hospital, clinic, and community services visits. Students will enjoy cultural day trips to Santo Domingo and a local beach, to open and close their time in-country.


Spring 2021 travel dates will take place over the MSU Spring break, from Saturday, March 6 through Sunday, March 14, 2021.


Developed by the School of Social Work and the Institute for Global Health, the curriculum considers ‘health’ as a multidimensional construct and uses learning goals based on interdisciplinary competencies. The program will emphasize the social and behavioral aspects of health by exploring examples from research, interventions, and local approaches that support community health. Responsible cross-national and cross-cultural engagement will also be addressed. Students interested in global health and international mental health topics are encouraged to apply! The program is open to all interested MSU students who meet program eligibility.

MexicoCuetzalan street scene
Fall 2021
Policy, Practice and Advocacy in Mexico

Contact: Karen Newman,

This is a collaborative project of the MSU School of Social Work and Migrant Student Services, with support from the Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (DIF) of Mexico. This faculty-lead Spring semester, short-term study abroad program blends semester-long, on-line course work (SW822/3 credits & SW891/1 credit) with a 9-day study abroad experience. Short-term time abroad with more extensive on-line coursework is designed to optimize student learning opportunities and increase access to study abroad for graduate and non-traditional students. SW822 investigates areas of comparative and applied social policy, practice, and international social work in the context of Mexican social services provision at federal, state, and municipal levels. SW891 course work relates to program, safety, and cultural orientation. Students may pursue an additional 1-2 credit hours of SW891-independent faculty mentored study to support their personal research or practice agendas. (Graduate students only.)
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FinlandStudy Abroad in Finland
Summer 2021
International Social Policy and Social Service Delivery

Contact: Amanda Woodward,

This overseas blended model program is designed for graduate students in social work, health science policy/law, or related fields of study and is taught during the summer, with 2 of the 7 weeks spent abroad. Students will investigate areas of comparative and applied social policy, practice, and international social work in the context of Finnish social services provision in the classroom, online, and in Finland. Study will include history, economy, and government as it is relevant to understanding Finnish social policy development; trends and shifts in education and policy regarding social work especially as it is affected by the European Union and professional organizations; service provision to those who need physical and mental health care—either institutionally or in the community—from infants to elderly.
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Rural Michigan

Summer 2021

Migrant Farm communities, service networks, and advocacy efforts. SW 822 OR elective credit hours (SW 891, SW 491)

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