Roselyn Kaihula
Roselyn Kaihula, MSW - 2017(expected)

“Fake it until you become it” -Amy Cuddy & “We rise by lifting others”- Robert Ingersoll

When did you decide to pursue a degree in social work?
I am a graduate scholar from Tanzania, majoring in Social Work, tracking macro level (Organization and Community Leadership). It has been my dream to work with my community especially children, research on issues that affect their welfare and designing programs that will provide solutions. I have a background in Social Work where I got my first degree ( Social Work) from the Institute of social work, Tanzania.
Have you had experiences outside of the US that have impacted your life and decisions to pursue a degree in social work?
Before coming to pursue my masters, I was working in a Non Profit Organization in Tanzania (Ekama Development Foundation) where I applied my skills in implementing my duties as a leader of Child Right Department. I was involved in research, human right issues especially the rights of children. During that time, I came to a decision of focusing more in social work as a career.
Roselyn Kaihula
Why did you choose social work? MSU?
I am in the MasterCard Foundation Scholar Program, a scholarship program that gives opportunity to young Africans to pursue their academic goals in different parts of the world. This scholarship program gave me the opportunity to pursue my Masters’ degree program in Social work at Michigan State University. The reason I chose Michigan State University was because the academic curriculum suits my career interest in relation to the social work profession.
What is your dream job upon graduation with a degree in Social Work?
My primary interests are working in the community advocating for human rights-especially as it involves children, social development and economic growth. It has been always my dream to make a positive impact in people’s lives. My goal is to incorporate the knowledge gained, working to change and implement policies in Tanzania, Africa and the world that protect children’s lives. I would also like to pursue a doctorate degree in social Work.
Have you had an internship that has had a strong impact on you?
During the 2016 summer break, I was engaged in two internships: a) MSU/Tanzania Partnership Program; I was involved in developing a girls mentoring club in Tanzania. The program aimed at empowering girls to realize their potential especially in the education sector.

The second internship was with United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) Tanzania. I was engaged in reviewing the equity and community engagement aspects in the national satellite pre-primary design and pilot experience, identifying good practices and recommending improvements for design and implementation in order to strengthen the model prior to expansion.

Has anyone in Social Work outside of MSU had a particularly strong impact on you?
Two people; first Dr. Naftal B. Ngondi from Institute of Social Work, Tanzania and the second one is Kokuteta B. Mutembei from Ekama Development Foundation, Tanzania.