Michigan State University HEALS Program

MSU HEALS students in Washington DC
MSU HEALS students in Washington DC

What is MSU HEALS?

The Michigan State University Social Work Healthcare Education and Leadership Scholars (MSU-HEALS) program is a skills and leadership training program for two BSW students and six MSW students interested in delivering healthcare services to children, adolescents, and adults and their families. In each year of the five-year program, two BSW HEALS Scholars and 6 MSW HEALS Scholars will receive inter-professional development opportunities, specialized seminars, focused coursework, and a $5,500 Stipend, with $4,000 of that amount in stipend funds and $1,500 of it allocated for travel support to attend a policy and education event.

The HEALS grant was recently renewed by the New York Community Trust.

Who can apply for the program?

The following two student populations are eligible for this program: (1) BSW Students who are participating in their senior year field placement in a health setting and (2) MSW students who are interested in participating in the Health Care Certificate or admitted to the Levande Certificate. They can have either a Clinical or OCL concentration.

What are the requirements for the program?

In order to qualify for this program, an applicant must have a career interest in healthcare service delivery. Other requirements include:

  • Completing the Social Work in Health Care Certificate or Levande Certificate Program in Gerontology (focus in health and care) with a Clinical concentration or Clinical/Macro concentration (MSW students only) BASW students will be required to complete 3 additional health care related electives as part of the requirements. Individual interests will be considered in the planning.
  • Completing a minimum of 2 semesters in a field experience focuses on interprofessional education (IPE) and working together in a shared liaison group.
  • Attending three special orientation and cohort meetings (beginning, mid-year, final evaluation) to integrate your field experience and learn from other HEALS Scholars. These meetings will include guest speakers from different health speakers from different health related disciplines and round table discussion on an emerging topic in health social work practice.
  • Students will be required to complete a journaling exercise/discussion group during the year, with the theme: Interprofessional Health Care Practice: Issues, Opportunities, and Limitations. These entries will be based on the field, educational and other IPE activities in which students will engage, and used during the aforementioned meetings.
  • Attending a 2 day health care social work education and policy event in Washington, DC ($1,500 travel allowance is provided).

What field placement options are available for MSU-HEALS students?

HEALS field placements, approved by the coordinator and in collaboration with field staff, need to be healthcare related and specifically focused on IPE, developed as part of learning agreements between students, field supervisors and field staff.

How do I apply?

By May 1 (11:59pm), the following materials must be submitted to Dr. Marcia Lampen (lampenma@msu.edu) for MSW and BSW students :

  • The one-page HEALS Student Application
  • Field Instructor Reference—Field instructors should email this reference form directly to Dr. Marcia Lampen-- lampenma@msu.edu) (If a student has not been involved in a field experience, a reference from an employer or professor that can vouch for the suitability of the applicant for a health care setting is acceptable).
  • 1-2 page letter describing your interest and experience in health social work practice including interprofessional teamwork, care/transition coordination, family-centered engagement, and service delivery to vulnerable health populations.
  • Acceptance into either the Health Care or Levande Certificate program

Who can I contact with more questions?

For questions about the MSU-HEALS application or program, contact Marcia Lampen (lampenma@msu.edu)