Phi Alpha Honor Society

Why join Phi Alpha

Phi Alpha is a student organization that embodies Social Work Values, promotes community through building closer bonds among students. Additionally, MSU’s Beta Chapter of Phi Alpha lives out its purpose of promoting humanitarian goals and ideals through education, service, advocacy and community connection. Throughout this process Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education of social work through the recognition and promotion of scholastic excellence and fellowship among social work students. Phi Alpha members understand that academic achievements bring credit to students and the social work profession.

2020 Virtual Service Project

On October 10, all roads lead to the second National Day of Hope -- this one for Fall events. That's when NAMIWalks events unite across the country, in-person or virtually.

On that day, NAMIWalks participants, mental health advocates and NAMI partners will make strides to support NAMI's mission and celebrate Mental Health for All during this demanding year of challenges and changes.

Visit the Phi Alpha NAMI Walks team page to join the team!

2020 Induction Ceremony

Service Projects from 2020

2019-20 Meeting Times

Please join meetings in person or via Zoom

All meetings take place from 2:00-3:00pm except the Induction Ceremony in April

2019-09-20 - Baker Hall, Room 221
2019-11-15 - Baker Hall, Room 221
2019-12-06 - Baker Hall, Room 241
2020-01-17 - Baker Hall, Room 221
2020-02-21 - Baker Hall, Room 221
2020-03-20 - Baker Hall, Room 221

The Induction Ceremony will take place on April 24, 2020 at the East Lansing Hannah Community Center from 9am - 12pm.

Please see our Membership page for details about ordering merchandise and paying for your membership.

Phi Alpha logo

The Michigan State University School of Social Work is a founder and charter member of the National Honor Society. The name "Phi Alpha" means "Love of Humanity".

The Beta Chapter is administered by student officers, consisting of President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer. The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary/ Treasurer, Chair of any standing committees, and the faculty advisor.

Students are admitted by invitation only.

Phi Alpha’s Purpose

The purpose of Phi Alpha is to provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals. The national social work honor society seeks to foster high standards of education of social work through the recognition and promotion of scholastic excellence and fellowship among social work students. Your academic achievements bring credit to you and the social work profession.

Phi Alpha Honor Society group photo

The Phi Alpha Pledge

Now that I have become an active member of Phi Alpha Honor Society, I will uphold its dignity and promote its goal and high ideals as a student as well as in professional life. I will actively participate in meetings and chapter projects and endeavor to maintain a high scholastic average.

Please Visit to learn more about Phi Alpha National Organization.