Research Funding Resources

The School of Social Work promotes and supports faculty in their efforts to obtain research funding by providing assistance and guidance in identifying funding possibilities and completing applications, which includes budgeting, packaging, and submitting proposals. The School of Social Work Pre-award Office is the go-to place for requesting specific grant searches, developing and submitting proposals, and meeting the requirements of the MSU Contract and Grant Administration Office of Sponsored Programs, as well as the requirements of the application.

PLEASE NOTE that if you are beginning to pursue a grant opportunity, you must notify Ellen as soon as possible using the Notice of Intent to Submit a Grant Proposal form. Ellen will contact you to schedule a meeting to discuss the budget and other aspects of the particular notice.

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School of Social Work Pre-award support

Ellen Hayse is the School's Pre-award Research Administrator. Her role is to assist faculty in all aspects of finding and applying for funding at MSU. You can email Ellen or call 517-884-6882. For more information about her role, click here.