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MSU Facilities and Resources

Most funding opportunities require that proposals include a statement of capacity related to the particular project being proposed, listing and describing facilities and other resources available to the project that will aid in its success. Depending on the project, different facilities and resources may be selected to provide a focused description tailored for your particular project. Michigan State University provides a wide variety of resources to support research, including specialized equipment and facilities, faculty and staff expertise, and connections to virtual teams that provide cross disciplinary and cross-institutional strength.

This section provides some basic narrative descriptions of facilities and resources available at Michigan State University. They can be used whole or in part as your project proposal requires, but you should include only resources that are directly applicable to your project.

Be sure you also include any off campus resources, such as the facilities of your community partner, for further indication of capacity for success.

Here is a list of examples of boilerplate language that you might want to use or excerpt. Follow the links to see the actual text: