MSU Proposal Resources


An e-Transmittal is an internal MSU Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) electronic routing form that includes proposal documents. The form collects basic identification information, academic and F&A credit, project type and budget information, compliance questions and certifications, and electronic signatures. Completion of this document is required for all proposal submissions.

Bart makes every effort to complete and route the e-Transmittal 6-8 business days before the proposal due date. Please contact him early to ensure a timely submission of your proposal.

Detailed information about the e-Transmittal Process can be found on the MSU Contract and Grant Administration (CGA) website.

This chart lays out the Routing Sequence Process for the School of Social Work. Everyone involved in a Step must approve the e-Transmittal before it is routed to the next Step. Download a pdf of this chart here.

* If at any step an e-Transmittal is disapproved, it will be routed back to the Initiator

e-Transmittal Routing Sequence