Current PhD Students

Jennifer Allen

Adolescence; Violence exposure and resiliency; Social support; Educational disparities.

Melanie Carlson
  • Domestic violence
  • Intersectional feminism
  • Poverty
  • Social welfare policy
Daniel L. Cavanaugh, MSW

Interventions utilizing wilderness settings and natural spaces; LGBTQ youth service provision; Youth with co-occurring mental health and developmental struggles; Harm reduction substance abuse treatment models; Peer delivered mental health and substance abuse treatment

Emmanuel Chima

Trauma and psychosocial wellbeing among refugee youth and older adults

Kathryn Irish
  • social work, neuroscience & technology: perception, belief formation and updating processes, ethics and technological change (BCI)
  • social & civic behavior: ideological fundamentalism & flexibility
  • violence prevention
  • cognitive integrative complexity
  • mental health, chemical dependence & recovery (medications for addiction treatment - MAT)
Leo Kattari

Transgender health across the lifespan
LGBTQ health equity
Health policy advocacy

Elizabeth Meier

Social movement organization effectiveness, the deradicalization of social justice movements/organizations over time, and the phenomenon of systematized perpetuation of trauma by helping professions/institutions

Abbie Nelson

Evidenced based practices for social work with Latinos; Intimate partner violence and trauma related to sexual abuse and IPV; Unaccompanied minors from Central America and trauma associated with immigration; International social work; Culturally competent practice; Relationship between mental health and nutrition

Lucas Prieto

Sexual Health, Sexuality, Aging, LGBT Health

Jessica Saba

Critical consciousness, wellbeing, marginalized youth in the US and Palestine; participatory research methods

Elizabeth (Liz) Sharda, MSW

Child trauma; Secondary trauma; Child welfare; Resilience; Holistic health; Racial justice

Carolyn Sutherby, LMSW
Maternal Depression & Substance Use Disorders; Mothers Involved in the Criminal Justice System; Parenting Education; Public Policy
Jenny Tanis

Child Maltreatment Prevention; Child Welfare; Family Resilience; Maternal and Child Health; Maternal Mental Health; Reproductive Justice

Joseph Wager

Integrated health; Mental health; Social work education; Technology and social work practice

Erik Wittrup, MSW

Child welfare; Childhood trauma; Secondary trauma; Resiliency Building