Gina Fedock, PhD

Women Coping with Life: A Mixed Methods Study of Incarcerated Women with Life Sentences

This study examines a sample of incarcerated women with life sentences in terms of three factors: (1) their preprison life experiences; (2) treatment outcomes after a new intervention; and (3) their ways of coping before and after the intervention.

Fedock’s dissertation extends existing scholarship on the pre-prison experiences of women with life sentences, and it is the first study to empirically examine the outcomes of a new intervention with this population and theoretically explore their ways of coping with a life sentence. Her work promotes advocacy for this often invisible and underserved population, and for practice, policy, and research to apply a human rights framework to the intersections of social work and the criminal justice system.

After graduation, Gina will begin her professional career as an assistant professor with the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration.