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Evidence Based Trauma Treatment

The Evidence Based Trauma Treatment Certificate Program provides students with the opportunity to develop competence in working with individuals who have experienced trauma and develop competency in implementing an evidence based practice. The project is open only to Clinical Practice students in their concentration year. Students will apply for the certificate when they are applying for their final placement in the MSW program. Full time Advanced Standing students are encouraged to meet the early bird application deadline (12/1) to increase the likelihood that they will be considered for the certificate.

Program Components

Students will focus their certificate work in working with children and adolescents who have experienced complex trauma or survivors of sexual assault.

Students who focus their work with children and adolescents will take two required elective courses (4 credits) in Special Topics in Social Work Practice. These include Core Concepts in Child and Adolescent Trauma and Treatment Applications in Trauma.

The Treatment Applications in Trauma course will include participation in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) or Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) training. These trainings are 2 and 3 days long respectively. Students will be placed in a specialized placement with a field instructor who has completed training and consultation in the evidence based model. Additional learning is supported through integrated field seminars and participation in regular clinical consultation sessions.

Efforts will be made to develop or identify placement resources in the communities where students wish to be placed. There are limited resources and options that focus on work with Sexual Assault Survivors, these options are only available in East Lansing/Lansing area. Students are encouraged to apply early if this is their interest.

FAQs (Click a question to expand)

Do I need to have a Certificate to graduate?

No. They are optional.

Does this Certificate provide actual certification in TF-CBT or CPT?

No. The courses, training and field experience provide a valuable basis for potential national certification in both of these models. The School of Social Work uses nationally certified trainers and consultants for both of these models. Each of the models has a website which outlines the exact requirements for national certification.

Can I do more than 1 certificate?

In some, but not all instances. The certificates that could possibly also be earned, include Child Welfare, Clinical Social Work with Families and Addiction Studies. The Chance at Childhood Certificate can be earned if students are not in the Advanced Standing program and complete two separate field placements. The certificate coordinators, field placement coordinator and your academic advisor must all agree, and it must be possible for you to complete all the requirements for both Certificates. Inquire early, this takes much planning.

Does this Certificate require face to face classwork?

Yes. Review the details with the Certificate Coordinator. Required courses are offered in a blended format. Face to face time will be scheduled as all day professional seminars. The Core concepts course includes three consecutive days in June. The treatment applications course will be offered in two consecutive days in August.

Will the Certificate show up on my transcript/diploma?

No. The Certificate is internal only.

Contact Person

Cheryl Williams-Hecksel, Evidence Based Trauma Treatment Certificate Coordinator

MSW Certificate Application