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Addictions Studies

The Addictions Studies Certificate Program is designed for students interested in working with with the needs of people and programs focused on substance use and mental health treatment. The courses are designed to support learning options for those new to the field as well as those who may have personal or professional background in recovery services. Both MSW Clinical or macro students are welcome to apply.

The core addiction courses (SW 878, 876, SW 474) are offered online and intended for either clinical or macro focused student participation. This certificate may be paired with other certificates, pending certificate coordinator review. Core certificate courses may satisfy partial requirements for the Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC), pending the review of Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals (MCBAP). Please contact mcbap.org for more information.


Drug and alcohol use represent significant public health concern across the global community. In the U.S., the well publicized opiate crisis has provided a stark example of how addiction and the interplay of policy, medical care, commerce, and mental health treatment have dramatically affected people and communities. Opiate use is only one example of the many topical areas included under addictions. The Certificate Program in Addictions Studies is designed for students, both new and experienced in the field, an opportunity to further expand and develop their skills in this broad and important area of practice.

Program Components

The Certificate Program in Addictions Studies requires satisfactory completion of the following:

  1. Area focused elective courses (6 credit hours, minimum)
    • SW 878 (2 credits, online. Offered Fall semester) Substance Use and Addictions Treatment
    • SW 876 (2 credits, online. Offered Spring and summer semesters) Substance Use, Mental Health and Co-Occurring Disorders: Treatment and Intervention Strategies
    • Additional, related elective. Please review options with certificate coordinator. Courses may include SW or non-social work courses, 400 level or above. The following are examples students have taken:
      • SW 474 - Substance use and human services (online)
      • SW 491 - Adolescent Addiction
      • SW 491 - Trauma Across the lifespan
      • SW 891 - Early Intervention in Child Abuse and Neglect
      • HM 805 - Social and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health
      • PHM 431 - Pharmacology of drug addiction
  2. Specialized field placement related to either clinical or macro work in addictions focused practice settings. Placements may be completed in either the generalist or advanced field placement years.
  3. Participation in specialized liaison group to support professional networking, resource sharing, and community building. The group is accessible via online meeting space for participation across campus sites.
  4. Submission of the Closing letter of Completion Form to the certificate coordinator by mid-semester of a student's last semester in the program.
  5. Certificate applications are due at the same time as Field applications.
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Contact Person

Karen M Newman, LMSW

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