Certificate Program FAQs

1. Do I need to do a certificate to graduate?
No. They are not required for graduation.
2. Does my certificate provide actual certification?
No. Some provide progress toward certification. Speak with the certificate coordinator for more information.
3. Can these certificate programs be taken after graduation?
No, you must be a current MSU MSW student to participate in one of the certificate programs.
4. Do the certificates require face to face classwork?
Yes, for most. See the powerpoint presentation for program specific requirements.
5. Can I do more than 1 certificate program?
Yes. Speak with the certificate coordinators to discuss the possibility for each certificate.
6. What is the difference between a certificate and a specialization?
Certificates are internal to the School of Social Work. Specializations are interdisciplinary and require coordination with a different School.
7. What is the purpose of a certificate?
The certificates can provide a focus for elective credits allowing for deeper study and focus. It can also start toward certification in a particular field.
8. Will the certificate show up on transcripts/diplomas?
No. The certificate is internal only and does not show up on transcripts or diplomas.