Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

MSU School of Social Work 2015 Graduation

The BASW program at MSU is one of the oldest in the country. Our graduates are highly successful in finding employment and being admitted to graduate school. Diversity with a special emphasis on strengthening families, communities, and advancing social justice for oppressed populations is the signature theme of the program. Content on diversity is integrated into all the social work courses, and students participate in a diversity project in their junior year.

The principal educational objective of the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work degree program is to prepare students for beginning social work practice. The program is grounded in the liberal arts and social sciences and is structured around courses in social work practice, social welfare policy, human behavior in the social environment, social research, and a practicum experience. The rich resources of the University are used to create programs that are designed to prepare students for general social work practice and for graduate study. The program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

Undergraduate students may have academic interests that cannot be pursued within the context of established courses. In consultation with their advisers, students may wish to submit a proposal for an independent study project to a member of the School’s faculty who has expertise in their area of interest. Also, with early and careful planning it is possible to complete an additional major in another discipline. Additionally, we allow and encourage our undergraduate majors to become involved in faculty research projects.

BASW Graduates