Social Scientists Building Community for LGBTQ Faculty & Staff at Michigan State

East Lansing, MI (November 25, 2019) – Michigan State University (MSU) released findings last week from the KNOW MORE @ MSU Campus Climate Survey, showing that sexual and gender minority (or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) faculty and staff experience sexual harassment and workplace incivility at higher rates than others, negatively impacting their experience in their units and at Michigan State more broadly. Faculty in the College of Social Science have recognized the need to expand support for LGBTQ faculty and staff at MSU and are actively developing infrastructure to build community and expand visible presence of LGBTQ leadership at MSU.

The MSU Consortium for Sexual and Gender Minority Health is an initiative launched in 2019 within the College of Social Science and housed in the MSU School of Social Work. The consortium includes a group of social scientists across the College who study sexual and gender minority (SGM) physical or mental health across the lifespan from an intersectional, social ecological approach. Consortium scholars focus on areas such as minority stress, the impacts of sexual violence on health & well-being, healthcare access for LGBTQ individuals, and SGM health from a life course perspective. The Consortium serves as a coordinating resource for social science research in SGM health. Current faculty members include Anne Hughes, Deirdre Shires, and Heather McCauley (Social Work); Ning Hsieh, Hui Liu, and stef shuster (Sociology); and Robin Lin Miller, Kaston Anderson-Carpenter, and Jae Puckett (Psychology).

The MSU Consortium for Sexual and Gender Minority Health is committed to addressing LGBTQ health disparities, including sexual violence and harassment, and supporting survivors to build a more equitable future at Michigan State. We welcome LGBTQ faculty, staff, and allies to connect with the Consortium to expand our efforts. Questions may be directed to the Consortium Co-Directors, Dr. Anne Hughes ( and Dr. Deirdre Shires ( Please join us!