Daniel Cavanaugh (PhD, 2019) Joins Parental and Family Mental Health Worldwide

Joane Reibschleger, Angela Terranova, Daniel Cavanaugh and Kristen Hood at a conference in Switzerland

Daniel Cavanaugh (PhD, 2019) was recently honored to be accepted into an esteemed international research collaborative as a graduate student member. The collaborative, which is known as Parental and Family Mental Health Worldwide (PFMHW) (formerly the Prato group), is a group of approximately 40 field experts on the topics of parental mental illness, transgenerational mental health, and children of parents with a mental illness. Daniel was encouraged by his faculty adviser, and current PFMHW member, Joanne Riebschleger to apply following their presentations in the collaborative's conference in Basel, Switzerland in summer of 2016.

PFMHW meets every two years in Prato, Italy for an invitation only conference to disseminate research and collaborate for future research on these frequently neglected topics and populations. Daniel and Joanne are currently members or a PFMHW working group titled Knowledge to Children that is working towards the development of scale assessment of child and adolescent knowledge of mental health literacy, coping, and stigma.

Additionally, PFMHW has recently launched a free, online, peer-reviewed journal to increase research development in this area. The journal, titled The Journal of Parent and Family Mental Health, can be downloaded for free at http://escholarship.umassmed.edu/parentandfamily/