Koehler for Kids

This part of the website was designed to provide materials to help kids process some of the childhood issues that bother them. These materials are readily available for purchase online. Many of the books, games, CDs and DVDs may be available at your public library.

Books are always a good way for children to feel validated. When they read books about children with special problems, kids feel less alone and understand that other children struggle with similar problems. The books listed here cover a wide range of topics and presenting problems.

The games listed here are meant to help children develop skills and process their feelings and emotions. Hopefully, the games (with the posted notes) will spark more ideas for kids and their parents about adapting games already stored in home closets to increase their usefulness for kids. 

The CDs and DVDs listed here are offered as a way to help children relax, breathe, calm, meditate and be mindful. These provide opportunities for children to learn coping strategies to manage stress and anger. Many times, these kinds of skills promote success for the child because the child learns techniques for self-management.

Children in classroom

Also included here are Basic Questions Kids Ask about their problems and about going to therapy.

We hope you will find these materials useful strategies for coping with many of the typical problems of childhood.

Basic Questions Kids Ask (pdf)