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This site was designed as a repository of information for kids, parents, mental health professionals, and educators about the special problems and issues in kids’ lives. Children have unique ways of expressing the emotional concerns, worries, problems, and trauma that hurt them. This may typically be demonstrated in behavioral manifestations. Additionally, children may also have acute and/or chronic mental health diagnoses that need attention and careful consideration by families, mental health professionals, and physicians. College educators of future mental health practitioners also need up-to-date information regarding the unique lives of children and the special problems that interfere with their everyday functioning.

This website was designed to meet some of those needs by storing information on the pages in this website or through special links to information readily available online from trusted organizations such as government agencies (for example, the National Institute of Mental Health) or clinics and hospitals that specialize in the behavioral and mental health problems of children (for example, the Mayo Clinic and Children’s Hospital of Michigan). We hope you find this website useful.

The information presented here is a compilation of readily available material and resources from established printed sources and online formats which is not the sole proprietorship of Michigan State University or the School of Social Work.