Request for Workshop and Webinar Proposals


Workshop Proposal Form: Deadline Friday, May 15, 2020 5:00pm

We are seeking instructors for our upcoming catalogs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Continuing Education program will be moving all courses to an online format for the summer (June-August 2020). In-person courses will not be scheduled to begin until September 2020. Because of this we will be prioritizing webinar proposals submissions for summer programming.

In order to attract the most interesting, up-to-date learning opportunities for skill development in both clinical and macro settings, we are continuing this development process through a Request for Workshop and Webinar Proposals (RFP). We welcome your participation in our workshop/webinar procurement process.

Each proposal will be reviewed and scored in a committee setting as part of a standardized critique to determine best fit for learning. In addition, the proposals will have to meet the topical priorities and criteria for Continuing Education Credits. If a proposal is satisfactory but does not fit within the catalog timeframe, we may contact you for consideration in future workshop/webinar offerings.

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Workshop/Webinar Goals and Design

The Michigan State University School of Social Work (MSUSSW) Continuing Education is one of the leading statewide training providers, coordinating and hosting a wide variety of Continuing Education opportunities for Michigan Social Workers. The goal of MSUSSW Continuing Education is to offer attendees the most up-to-date, current workshops for professional skill development in both clinical and macro settings. MSUSSW also provides a wide variety of topics and locations across the state of Michigan for ease of access for all our attendees to earn Continuing Education Credit Hours.

MSUSSW Continuing Education programming is tailored to provide maximum choice and variety, specifically designed around the direct feedback received from previous attendees. Workshops include both full-day and half-day in-person programming options, in addition to 1-hour Live Synchronous Webinars – attendees pick the exact workshops they want to attend, customizing their learning to their professional needs. Again, we are offering a Request for Proposal process for procuring workshops that meet these needs. We are looking for 3-hour and 6-hour in-person workshops, and 1-hour Webinars that fit into the suggested topic areas below.

Overall General Audience Objectives

  • To learn and apply practical strategies that can be used in various clinical work settings
  • To identify innovative initiatives designed to increase recovery and rehabilitation and supported by data-informed practice
  • To learn and apply leadership strategies for use in supervisory and administrative roles
  • To increase attendees’ knowledge, skills, and awareness associated with mental health practice at various implementation levels
  • To continue professional development that follows the social work ethical code
  • To integrate understanding of culture and diversity across populations and topics

Workshop Topic Suggestions

Proposed workshops should relate to the MSUSSW Continuing Education goals and objectives, and speak to current issues and initiatives in one or more of the following special focus areas:

  • Emerging and Evidence-Based Practices: i.e. Strengthening Families, PMTO, Parenting Wisely, Communities that Care, Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Theraplay
  • Treating Anxiety/Mood Disorders, adults and children
  • Relationship Violence and Stalking
  • Specialty Populations (Veterans, Aging, Sexual Assault Survivors, Law Enforcement, Education)
  • Ethics and Pain Management
  • COVID-19 Pandemic Response
  • Resilience
  • Adult Trauma/Trauma related treatment practices
  • Play Therapy/Art Therapy/Music Therapy
  • Grief/Loss
  • LGBT Interventions
  • Health Equity and Social Justice
  • Suicide Intervention and Prevention
  • Recovery-Oriented Care
  • Substance Abuse/Opioid/Prenatal Drug Exposure
  • Culture and Diversity related to current social work issues

Please note: Content of workshop content MUST contain some or all of the following:

  • Theories and concepts of human behavior in the social environment
  • Social work practice, knowledge and skills
  • Social work research, program evaluation, or practice evaluation
  • Social work agency management or administration
  • Development, evaluation, and /or implementation of social policy
  • Social work ethics and standards of professional practice (presenter must be a LBSW or LMSW)
  • Pain/Pain symptom management, including but not limited to, behavior management, psychology of pain, behavior modification and stress management
  • Culture and diversity interwoven throughout topic and workshop, with a focus on integration of culture as central to effective practice, developing specialized knowledge of an under-represented minority, and/or equity + inclusion in policy
  • For more information on Continuing Education requirements, please visit the AWSB ACE program page

Workshop Attendance

Generally, in-person workshop attendance averages between 15 – 40 professionals and webinar attendance is up to 500 professionals, including a variety of social workers, clinical directors/supervisors, case workers and supports coordinators from across Michigan, as well as, public mental health and child welfare organizations. We also have limited, interdisciplinary workshops including law enforcement, nursing, education, play therapists, psychology, and substance use specific.

Instructor Qualifications


  • Have extensive experience to include no less than five years of practical application or research involving the subject taught in the course*
  • Have professional qualifications in good standing with my professional regulatory board*


  • Faculty member of an undergraduate or graduate school of social work
  • Received specialized graduate or postgraduate level training in the subject taught in the program

Criteria for Evaluating the Proposals

  1. Relevance to social work practice
  2. Culture and diversity related to topic area presented
  3. Clear, measurable objectives (Bloom’s Taxonomy)
  4. A well-structured proposal with detailed PowerPoint/multi-media or similar presentation delivery expected
  5. Submission of additional materials/details upon request
  6. Meets an identified learning need as requested by customer base.

In addition, all proposals must include a Bibliography consisting of a minimum of 3 sources, two of which must be peer-reviewed sources. Sources must be up-to-date, meaning that at least 5 references (or 50% of your references, whichever is less) are from the last 5 years (e.g. if you have 4 sources, 2 must be up-to-date. If you have 20 sources, 5 must be up-to-date). Instructor authored book/articles are not accepted (CE accreditation requirement). All proposals will be reviewed by Committee Process to determine best fit for workshops and to ensure compliance with ASWB Guidelines. Letters of Agreement specifying the scheduled date of the workshop will be sent to all accepted workshop instructors and letters of decline will be sent to all other workshop instructors.

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Letters of Agreement

The MSUSSW Continuing Education budget can support modest honorariums for workshop and webinar instructors. Payment is negotiated individually, but generally is paid at a rate determined per credit hour of Continuing Education Credit Hours approved (10/2016). This will be outlined in the Letter of Agreement. Additional travel, hotel stays, and meal stipends are not available at this time.

If instructors are not able to participate due to lack of reimbursement, special arrangements may be made with MSU School of Social Work when you are notified of your accepted proposal.

I understand that submission of a proposal does not guarantee schedule for workshop; approval and acceptance must be determined through Committee Process and that MSU School of Social Work has the right to decline agreement if any of the above requirements are not met or change prior to scheduled workshop.
I understand that the Letter of Agreement is not a contract and that MSU School of Social Work reserves the right to cancel a workshop due to low enrollment or other factors that would hinder a successful program.


Please review the following Instructor Guidebooks for more information about providing a successful workshop or webinar for MSU School of Social Work Continuing Education.

Submission Guidelines

MSU School of Social Work (MSUSSW) Continuing Education faculty use the information in this form to: 1.) screen for appropriate content with the identified topic areas; 2.) determine whether the presentation meets the criteria for social work continuing education credit hours and/or substance abuse contact hours; and 3.) format into marketing information to be included in the catalog. Please note: Description, learning objectives and biography may be edited and formatted for inclusion in the catalog.

  • Complete the Proposal Form. Form will open once you click submit below.
  • Include a resume/curriculum vitae for each instructor. (maximum of 2 instructors)
  • All materials must be received by Friday, May 15, 2020. For questions, contact our office at
  • Submissions received after the cutoff date will be archived and may be considered for additional workshop opportunities throughout the year.
  • In-person workshops can be 3-hours or 6-hours only. Summer 2020 webinars may be 1 hour or 2 hours.

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