Supervision Certificate FAQs

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1. What is the Supervision in Child and Family Services Certificate?
The Supervision in Child and Family Services Certificate is designed to promote retention of child and family services workers by increasing your skill sets if you are a current or aspiring task or program supervisor or agency leader. This series of six self-study courses are designed to teach you how to create a positive culture for staff retention, by giving you supervisory competencies, tools, and methods of supervision, and information on how to orient, support, and train new staff during their first six months on the job. By improving your supervision skills and retention practices, you will be able to improve outcomes for children and families.

This material was originally developed and organized in partnership with the Michigan Federation for Children and Families-a statewide association of private nonprofit child and family service agencies. In order to be eligible for the certificate, you must complete all six self-study workshops must be completed. All courses can also be taken independently.

2. Will I be a certified Supervisor after I complete the Certificate?
No, this certificate is meant to introduce you to supervision techniques for your work, enhance and build on your current skills, and once completed, provide you with an extra endorsement in resume building and job searching efforts. You will not be a certified supervisor upon completion.
3. What are the course requirements for completion?
Completion of this certificate requires that you complete all six online courses (total of 12 CECHs). Once you have finished all of these requirements you may apply for the certificate using the Supervision Certificate Application found under the certificate section of our website.
4. How long do I have to complete the Supervision Certificate?
You must complete all six courses within two years of taking your first course.
5. Do I need to take the courses in any particular order? How will I know which courses are eligible for the certificate?
No, you can take the courses in any order that fits your schedule. The courses are online and can be taken at any time.
6. Are there any in-person courses?
No, this series is now completely online for your convenience and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
7. Do I need to be an active student or Alumni of MSU to take Supervision Certificate courses?
No, this certificate is open to all human service professionals that are seeking more knowledge and understanding of trauma regardless of their affiliation with MSU.
8. Do I need to apply for the certificate?
Yes, you will fill out a certificate application once you have met the course requirements, verifying which courses you have completed as part of the certificate. This application will be confirmed by the MSU School of Social Work Continuing Education department staff.
9. Do I need to be a social worker to take Supervision Certificate courses?
No, this certificate is open to all human service professionals that are seeking more knowledge and understanding of supervision skills.
10. Do any supervision courses that I’ve completed in the past count toward the current Certificate?
If you have already taken one of our supervision certificate courses within the past two years they will count towards the certificate. However, outside courses or courses taken more than two years ago will not count. Additionally, you must have attended all courses for the entire allotted time. We will not accept partial credit towards the awarding of the Supervision Certificate.
11. Do I have to be working towards the certificate to take your courses?
No. All of our courses can be taken on their own with no pre-requisites.
12. I don’t live in Michigan, can I complete this certificate?
Yes! All courses are offered online. Our courses are open globally but please make sure you check with your regulatory board to see if our courses meet your licensure requirements.