Continuing Education Professional Certificates

Trauma Certificate Program

The Trauma Certificate is designed to help human service professionals learn techniques to improve their work with children, adolescents, adults, and families who have experienced trauma.

Special thanks to our Advisory Committee: Kelley Blanck, Melea Bullock, Amanda Dubey-Zerka, Amanda Morgan, Cheryl Williams-Hecksel, Tina Blaschke-Thompson, Sara Deprez, Tana Fedewa, Marisa Fisher, Kathy Forest, Officer Jessica Martin, Molly Minnick, Holly Rosen, Erin Skinner, Linda Schneider, Lara Slee, and Karlin Tichenor.

This certificate will:

  • Address trauma across the lifespan
  • Emphasize interdisciplinary practice
  • Enhance knowledge of self and secondary trauma
  • Emphasize the impact of trauma on the brain and behavior
  • Be culturally responsive
  • Encourage professional interaction using a trauma informed lens

The Trauma Certificate will be relevant for:

  • Social workers
  • Educators
  • Medical professionals
  • Psychologists
  • Law enforcement
  • Child welfare workers
  • Other behavioral health professionals

Core Courses:

  • Understanding Trauma
    Courses offered in July 2018 – Details coming soon!
  • Trauma and the Brain
    Courses offered in July 2018 – Details coming soon!
  • Secondary Trauma and Self-care
    Courses offered in July 2018 – Details coming soon!
Register here. All courses can be taken as part of the certificate or on their own.


In-Person Online
  • 365 - Dissociative Coping in Traumatized Children
  • 371 - Child Abuse & Neglect: The Signs, Symptoms, & Consequences
  • 381 - Intergenerational Trauma & Our Work with Birth Parents: Understanding the Bridge to Success
  • 390 - Honoring & Empowering Adolescents
  • 397 - Beyond Breathing: Tools for Teaching Relaxation in Trauma Work

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Please visit our Trauma Certificate Application survey to apply for the certificate.

To complete the application please submit your administration fee of $15 in one of the following ways:

Checks and money orders payable to:
Michigan State University
MSU School of Social Work CE Programs
14 Baker Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824

If you would like to pay with a credit card please download our credit card form and complete the credit card information fields. Please note you will have to fax or mail the form. We are unable to take payments over the phone or email due to University Policy.

Adoption Certificate Program

The Adoption Certificate program is designed to help professionals working with adoptive families meet the unique needs of this population. Post adoption services are needed now more than ever as foster, kinship, and recruited families are adopting children from the child welfare system.

This program contains seven adoption-focused courses that provide a foundation for adoption-centered practice. This program will focus on evidence-based practice and will equip you with the specialized knowledge and skills needed to work effectively with adoptive families. Creating adoption competency in professionals providing services to adoptive families and their children is the goal of this program. Course content reflects clinical treatment areas of special importance to therapists and those offering post adoption services as well as child welfare service functions, including protective services, foster care, and adoption with the emphasis on assessment, preparation, and supporting families raising children not born to them. Practitioners and child welfare professionals are encouraged to take any of the courses offered, even if completion of the overall certificate is not the goal.

Objectives for the Adoption Certificate are:

  • Provide a philosophical basis for treating and supporting adoptive families.
  • Address the common issues that adoptive families bring to treatment settings.
  • Provide adoption-sensitive treatment strategies.
  • Decrease the risk of adoptive families relinquishing their adopted children.
  • All Adoption Certificate Courses are approved as electives for the Trauma Certificate.

Courses are offered on a rotating basis. Check our course catalog for current offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Download the Application for Adoption Certificate

Supervision in Child and Family Services Certificate Program

The Supervision in Child and Family Services Certificate is designed to promote retention of child and family services workers by increasing your skill sets if you are a current or aspiring task or program supervisor or agency leader. This series of six self-study courses are designed to teach you how to create a positive culture for staff retention, by giving you supervisory competencies, tools, and methods of supervision, and information on how to orient, support, and train new staff during their first six months on the job. By improving your supervision skills and retention practices, you will be able to improve outcomes for children and families.

This material was originally developed and organized in partnership with the Michigan Federation for Children and Families-a statewide association of private nonprofit child and family service agencies. In order to be eligible for the certificate, you must complete all six self-study workshops must be completed. All courses can also be taken independently.

Online/self-study courses:

  • The Role of Leaders in Staff Retention 2 CECHs
  • The Practice of Retention-focused Supervision 2 CECHs
  • Working with Differences 2 CECHs
  • Communication Skills 2 CECHs
  • The First Six Months
  • Recruiting and Selecting the Right Staff 2 CECHs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Download the Supervision Certificate Application

Special thanks to our Advisory Committee:
Kelley Blanck, Tina Blaschke-Thompson, Sara Deprez, Amanda Dubey-Zerka, Tana Fedewa, Marisa Fisher, Jessica Martin, Amanda Morgan, Linda Schneider, Karlin Tichenor, Cheryl Williams-Hecksel