Endowments & Gifts


Endowments are special funds established through the generosity of donors to support various School of Social Work activities. The initial funds provided by the donor (usually at least $30,000) are invested, and the interest each year is used to fund the selected activities; the funds can grow when other people donate to them.


Gifts are donations that can be used immediately to support the mission of the School of Social Work or a particular program or service within the School. Gifts are useful for short-term needs and program goals.

The School has many endowments and gift funds, and you can donate directly to any that you choose. Following are brief descriptions of some of these funds. For information on all of our endowments and gift funds, or to discuss establishing one of your own, please contact Dr. Anne Hughes at hughesa@msu.edu or (517) 355-7515.

The goal of the FAME General Gift Fund is to support service delivery, outreach and training for alumni of the foster care system.
The School of Social Work at Michigan State University is actively addressing these needs by recruiting veterans into our MSW program and establishing a scholarship fund to support their graduate study. This scholarship is only for... see more
Long Distance Education Example
The Paul P. and Donna K. Freddolino Endowment for Distance Education fund supports the School of Social Work’s distance educational programs, including both student support and the development of new educational technologies.
children standing in a classroom
Youth Education and Support gift fund donations help build, test, and disseminate research focused on real ways to increase child and youth access to accurate, non-stigmatized knowledge of mental illness and recovery. The research will... see more
Child in nature
The Gary R. Anderson Endowed Fund for Child Welfare Leadership fund supports workshops, lectures, and scholarships in the School related to child welfare leadership and workplace development.
MSU researcher holding infant
The Gwen Andrew School of Social Work Faculty Research Fund provides financial support for a range of research projects undertaken by School of Social Work faculty members.
International Students at Photovoice Project
The School of Social Work Endowed Fund provides a range of supports for the School including student scholarships, support for faculty research, and support for School programs. This is the most flexible of all School endowed funds.
Mental Health Word Cloud
The Mruk Memorial Lectureship on Schizophrenia fund provides support for a major lecture and workshops addressing schizophrenia and the psychosocial aspects of the illness including implications for family members.
Social Work Alumni Scholarship
This fund supports general expenses for supplies, travel, student scholarships, faculty development, special events, and other initiatives.
Red Cedar during fall
Gifted account. Funds come from alumni donations. Purpose: Supplies, travel, student scholarships, faculty development funds, bonuses, special events and other expenses related to School of Social Work.
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This fund supports an annual lecture focused on children’s services, that provides opportunities for students, faculty, and community professionals to learn from national and international experts, in order to improve clinical services to... see more
Adult students
This fund supports scholarships for graduate students beginning a master’s program after at least a two-year hiatus since earning their Bachelor’s degrees, who faced academic or personal challenges, with a preference for students with a... see more
Grandmother and grandson
This fund provides scholarships for graduate students with a career interest in child welfare, with preference for those who want to work in kinship care.
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This fund provides scholarships to students in support of general educational expenses and special educational opportunities.
Family walking together
This fund supports a biennial lecture on couple and family therapy that provides opportunities for students, faculty, and community professionals to learn from national and international experts, in order to improve services to families.
Elderly woman and her daughter
This fund supports scholarships for students with a career interest in gerontology, and programming that improves services to older adults, including, curriculum development, research projects, lectures and workshops, and special events.
Downtown Flint
This fund supports scholarships for students, with preference for those from the greater Flint community.
Students holding banner in front of Baker Hall
This fund supports scholarships for students in undergraduate, advanced standing, or regular master’s programs.
Michigan capitol building
To promote advocacy, leadership and social justice through education, workshops, lectures, field placements, etc in the field of Social Work.
Chance at Childhood Endowment Fund
The goal of this fund is to support research, education, training, and outreach concerning: at-risk children and families intervention and treatment; children's justice; coordination of professionals dealing with at-risk children and... see more
Ruth T. Koehler Professorship in Children's Services
The Professorship shall be awarded through a recruitment process and the accepted applicant shall serve in this Professorship until her/his termination of employment at Michigan State University.
Future Leaders Endowed Scholarship in Social Work
Earnings shall be used to support the College of Social Science School of Social Work graduate scholarships, assistantships, or fellowships.