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The Mexico 2017 Spring program is open for applications. Information about and an application to the program can be found through the Office of Study Abroad. Financial assistance may be available. Please download the scholarship application to learn more details and apply.

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Cuetzalan street scene Policy, Practice and Advocacy in Mexico

This is a collaborative project of the MSU School of Social Work and Migrant Student Services, with support from the Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (DIF) of Mexico. This faculty-lead Spring semester, short-term study abroad program blends semester-long, on-line course work (SW822/3 credits & SW891/1 credit) with a 9-day study abroad experience. Short-term time abroad with more extensive on-line coursework is designed to optimize student learning opportunities and increase access to study abroad for graduate and non-traditional students. SW822 investigates areas of comparative and applied social policy, practice, and international social work in the context of Mexican social services provision at federal, state, and municipal levels. SW891 course work relates to program, safety, and cultural orientation. Students may pursue an additional 1-2 credit hours of SW891-independent faculty mentored study to support their personal research or practice agendas. (Graduate students only.)

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Cuetzalan pyramid International Engagement in Mexico

This is a short-term intense opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those at the fringes of Mexican society. During Spring Break, students will be active members of a team which will engage with local community members through the provision of needed maintenance and program assistance to Mexican human service agencies. Additionally, students will explore the foundations of local cultures through visiting cultural/historic sites, connecting with community agencies and people, and participating in local special events. Engagement and cultural experiences will be examined in relation to students’ roles and impacts as community volunteers through hands-on and reflective program activities. Students will gain an understanding of the intimate relationships among leisure, volunteerism, and civic engagement; community and personal growth; and awareness of some of the cultural characteristics that define US and Mexican societies. Preparation for the program requires participation in four pre-departure classes prior to Spring Break week and two post-program classes after Spring Break. (Most appropriate for undergraduate students.)

International Social Policy and Practice in Mexico 2013

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