Scenes from the 2013 Induction Ceremony

Photographs by Jackie Belden Hawthorne



From left: Your hosts Phi Alpha President Sarah Shortt Williams, Vice President Brittany Harvey, and Secretary/Treasurer Courtney Wilson.

Below: the new Phi Alpha inductees.















  Left: BASW student James Geisen, acknowledged as Outstanding Phi Alpha Student, addresses the group.

  Center: Featured speaker Andrea Norton, MSW student, spoke about her experience as a veteran and her transition to civilian life; this year, Phi Alpha's charity and volunteer efforts were dedicated to bringing awareness to and raising funds for veterans' needs.

  Right: Director Gary Anderson also spoke.


...and a good time was had by all!

Susan Gardner, 2010-11 President

Leading Phi Alpha in 2010-2011 brought about great responsibility, as well as an enormous amount of pride. It was a pleasure being able to advocate for vulnerable populations, uphold the mission of Phi Alpha, as well as maintain academic excellence in the pursuit of all things Phi Alpha stands for.

Those students who are and will be a part of Phi Alpha have maintained academic excellence and have proven their commitment and dedication to Phi Alpha and the field of social work. We continue to uphold the legacy of Phi Alpha and strive to become better and do more everyday!

Shani Saxon (MSW 2011)

I feel privileged to be a member of phi alpha honor society. As a graduate student, I learned to balance many responsibilities; including completing community service projects that were of special interest to me. What makes being a member of phi alpha a rewarding experience for me is that I have learned how to excel as a leader and I have had the pleasure of meeting peers and colleagues that I will remain friends with for the rest of my life.

Erin Mullen, 2008 President

I was the President of the Beta Chapter for a year during graduate school and it was beyond rewarding for me. Not only did I have the opportunity to gain new leadership skills and have an impact on the community but it also allowed me to build stronger relationships with the faculty members and my fellow students. By the end of the year I was so proud of what we had accomplished together. I really felt like we had gone above and beyond everyone’s expectations. During the first semester we completed 50 homeless kits for the area homeless shelters and during the second semester not only did we host a team for MSU's Relay for Life and raise money for a great cause but we also completed a request to provide center-piece baskets for NASW-Michigan's annual conference.

This was a true accomplishment. Together the Phi Alpha members of our chapter collected hundreds of mother and baby items from donors and constructed a total of 65 center piece baskets. We also networked with the other chapters in Michigan to collect over 20 more baskets filled with similar items. This was truly one of my most memorable experiences. Beyond all else it really showed the power a group of students can have when they all work together and it made me proud to call myself a social worker. This is not something many people can say about their chosen profession and for me it was just the beginning. Thanks, Phi Alpha members 07-08!

Emily Proctor, 2008 Secretary/Treasurer

As a member and officer-Secretary/Treasurer-of Phi Alpha I had the opportunity to collaborate efforts with my fellow classmates to develop service projects which would assist in addressing a need in the community. Being a member of Phi Alpha was a great opportunity to learn more about myself and how much can be achieved by working together.