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School Social Work

You must be a current Michigan State University MSW student to participate in this Certificate program. Please see School Social Work State of Michigan Approvals if you are interested in meeting the criteria for School Social Work in the state of Michigan.

The School Social Work Certificate Program prepares current MSU MSW students to become school social workers upon graduation from the MSW program, or to work with school-age youth in another setting. The goal of the required courses, which are all taught online, is to expand the prospective school social worker's understanding of the school system as a social institution, the diverse learning processes of youth, and the role of the social worker within the school. Completing this certificate program fulfills the eligibility requirements for a recommendation of temporary approval as a school social worker. While these requirements can be fulfilled apart from the School Social Work Certificate Program, it is strongly recommended. This program is only open to Clinical students.

Program Components

The School Social Work Certificate Program requires satisfactory completion of the following:

Contact Person

Mark Nester, LMSW

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