For Current Social Work Majors

  • Student Handbook (pdf)
    This handbook has information to assist students as they begin their academic career as a social work major at MSU. It is the responsibility of each student to become familiar with the contents of this handbook.
  • Diversity Curriculum
    Diversity, with a special interest in social justice for oppressed populations, is the signature theme of the undergraduate curriculum for the MSU School of Social Work.
  • Certificate Programs
    The School of Social Work offers three optional certificate programs for the upper level majors.
  • Writing Initiative
    Good writing skills are essential for effective social work practice. This tells you what to expect.
  • Research Opportunities
    The BASW Program at Michigan State University allows and encourages our undergraduate majors to become involved in faculty research projects.
  • SW Student List Serve
    MSU Social Work Student List-serve, all undergraduate students are expected to subscribe to this discussion group.