Principles of a Mobile Workforce #339

Online, On-Demand Continuing Education Courses

Michigan State University School of Social Work seeks to be as accessible as possible. You can now receive social work continuing education credit at your leisure—when it's convenient for you! Save travel time and cost. The new licensure law states that, in Michigan, Social Workers may earn up to one-half of the required continuing education contact hours in person using live, synchronous contact. The remaining continuing education contact hours may be completed in any other approved format. If you live outside of Michigan, check with your state's social work regulatory body. For more information, please see the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Director's Office Social Work General Rules. (R 338. 2963)

This online course introduces the principles and concepts for supervising a mobile workforce. Learn about the impact of telecommuting on the supervisory experience. Get ideas about how to create a foundation for supervision that supports staff development with an emphasis on staff retention. This training will utilize pre- and post-tests and visual displays.

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