CE Trauma Certificate FAQs

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1. What is the Trauma Certificate?
The Trauma Certificate is designed to help human service professionals learn techniques to improve their work with children, adolescents, adults, and families who have experienced trauma.
2. Will I be a certified Trauma Counselor after I complete the Trauma Certificate?
No, this certificate is meant to help introduce you to trauma informed techniques for your work, enhance and build on your current skills, and once completed, provide you with an extra endorsement in resume building and job searching efforts.
3. What are the course requirements for completion?
Level 1 = Total of 45 CECHs (can be achieved in 1 year – all courses will be offered between July 2017 and July 2018)
Core courses = 18 hours of training
  • Understanding Trauma
  • Trauma and the Brain
  • Secondary Traumatic Stress and Self Care
Electives = 27 Hours of Training
  • Choose from a variety of in-person, live webinar or online on-demand courses.
A Level 2 certification is also being developed. This option will include 45 additional hours of intermediate and advanced training that will support professional specialization in trauma work.
4. How long do I have to complete the Trauma Certificate?
Level 1 can be achieved in just one year but you there is no time-limit on when you need to complete the required training hours for each level.
5. Are all the courses in-person only?
The trauma certificate courses are being developed to meet the multi-modal needs of attendees. There will be a mix of in-person, live webinar and online courses available through the MSU School of Social Work Continuing Education Program. Choose from a variety of in-person workshops, live webinars, and/or online courses. Options that meet the requirement will be identified on our website: http://www.socialwork.msu.edu/CE/Certificates.
6. Do I need to be an active student or Alumni of MSU to take Trauma Certificate courses?
No, this certificate is open to all human service professionals that are seeking more knowledge and understanding of trauma.
7. Do I need to be a social worker to take Trauma Certificate courses?
No, this certificate is an interdisciplinary certificate, with course offerings available for mental health, medical professionals, educators, law enforcement/courts, child welfare, veteran services and other human service professionals.
8. Do any trauma courses that I’ve completed in the past count toward the current Trauma Certificate?
The only past trauma course that will count toward the Trauma Certificate is Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). You must have completed the full course through MSU School of Social Work Continuing Education within the last 8 years. You must provide the documentation of completion.
9. Do I have to be working towards the certificate to take your courses?
No. All of our courses can be taken on their own with no pre-requisites.
10. Can I be a trainer for your certificate courses?
All interested individuals can submit a proposal by visiting our website at https://www.socialwork.msu.edu/CE/Announcements under “I would like to present a workshop”….
11. Do you offer Continuing Education credits for professionals other than Social Work?
Yes! Currently, we have two of our core courses approved to provide MCOLES for law enforcement. We are working to expand our ability to offer continuing education for other professionals in the future.
12. I don’t live in Michigan, can I complete this certificate?
Yes! Currently, the required 3 core courses are only offered in-person but there are many live webinar and online offerings to assist with completing the other training requirements. Our courses are open globally but please make sure you check with your regulatory board to see if our courses meet your licensure requirements.