Paul P. Freddolino

Job Title: 
Professor; Director of Distance Education and Technology
Office Location: 
214 Baker Hall

PhD, University of Michigan
MDiv, Yale University
MA, Cornell University
BA, University of Notre Dame


Technology and social work practice
Distance education
Program evaluation
Technology and aging
Mental health services research
Technology in social work education


Research methods (MSW)
Macro practice (MSW)


Damant, J., Knapp, M., Watters, S., Freddolino, P., Ellis, M., & King, D. (2013) The impact of ICT services on perceptions of the quality of life of older people. Journal of Assistive Technologies, 7(1), 5-21, DOI: 10.1108/17549451311313183
Woodward, A.T., Freddolino, P.P., Wishart, D.J., Bakk, L., Kobayashi, R., Tupper, C., Panci, J., & Blaschke-Thompson, C.M. (2012). Outcomes from a peer tutor model for teaching technology to older adults. Ageing and Society. Available online at DOI: 10.1017/S0144686X12000530
Woodward, A.T., Freddolino, P.P., Blaschke-Thompson, C.M., Wishart, D.J., Bakk, L., Kobayahsi, R., & Tupper, C. (2011). Technology and Aging Project: Training outcomes and efficacy from a randomized field trial. Ageing International 36(1), 46-65, DOI: 10.1007/s12126-010-9074-z
Freddolino, P. P., Lee, V. W. P., Law, C. K., & Ho, C. (2010). To help and to learn: An exploratory study of peer tutors teaching older adults about technology. Journal of Technology in Human Services, 28(4), 217-239.